Speaker Date Topic
TGIW Mar 06, 2024
Isaac Blacksin Mar 13, 2024
Journalism in Conditions of Violence

Isaac Blacksin is a media anthropologist and an ethnographer of military conflict, His research examines journalism in conditions of violence. Isaac’s book project, Conflicted: Representation from the Warzone, is based on two years of fieldwork in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and analyzes journalists’ struggles with wartime media labor. He has conducted fieldwork with journalists from Afghanistan to Ukraine, with support from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, the American University of Beirut, and the Institute for Humanities Research at the University of California.


Introduced by Steven Weiner

Francine Allen Mar 20, 2024
Living Well with Polio
Living Well with Polio

Francine Falk-Allen enjoys presenting to Rotary groups, thankful for Rotary’s shared commitment to ending polio and vaccinating for other preventable diseases.  She concentrates primarily on how polio affected her, both as a child and on through adulthood. She likes to start with a little humor, since many people are uncomfortable with the topic of disability. She will read a few passages from her memoir on living with polio, and then from her book on travel and self-care for aging or disabled people. There is humor in these passages, but the reality of disability permeates her writing in both books. Between readings she shares more of her life experience related to having a lifelong disability. She ties in Rotary’s work with how some of the challenges she faced can be avoided or eradicated with vaccination. She then takes questions, even personal ones, which usually comprises a lively portion of the presentation.

Pamela Weiss Mar 27, 2024
The Color of Autumn

Pamela Weiss is an award-winning screenwriter, editor, producer and journalist, Pamela collaborates with industry mentors and professionals to shepherd heart-felt, funny and transcendent human stories. Media experience includes Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Knight-Ridder New Media and Capital-Gazette Publishing. 

Color of Autumn    a Short Film       In 1966 Chicago a sheltered Black eight-year-old is blindsided by cruel and casual racism while socializing with the children of her father’s white boss. Through the eyes of a grown woman, Color of Autumn retraces the memory of her precocious eight-year-old self, a Black girl who lives with her hardworking but assimilating parents, and her adoring and wise grandmother in a quaint little house on the South Side of Chicago.

TGIW Apr 03, 2024
Bonny Llyn, MA Apr 10, 2024
From Burnout to Brilliance: 3 Keys to Foster a Mental Health Friendly Workplace
An entrepreneur, with a blossoming career, Bonny was besieged by a severe depression that threatened her success. While going to work for Fortune 1000, she filtered through countless healing modalities to combat her High-functioning Depression. Her TEDx talk on YouTube introduced the connection between neurodiversity and mental health. Now a Corporate Strategist and a Keynote Speaker, Bonny helps organizations unleash their team’s potential so they thrive and succeed.
Sylvia Bambra, Sue Bennett & Judy Raffit-Gutgsell Apr 17, 2024 12:30 PM
New Member Talks
Stephen Walter Apr 24, 2024
Considering Our Earthquake Risk in the Bay Area

Stephen Walter who is a retired seismologist with the U.S.G.S. Steve recently spoke to the MPC Ready community on the topic of Earthquakes. His talk was so compelling that it generated additional requests for him to speak to other groups, including the Atherton A.D.A.P.T. disaster prepared organization.  Steve conveys earthquake science, with a focus on the Hayward fault, in a way that makes detailed information quite clear and compelling.

TGIW May 01, 2024
Amy Boggs, moderator May 08, 2024
Club Brainstorming Session

We've had our review of the club accomplishments. Let's have a forward looking session!

You can self select a table to brainstorm ideas for the club around topics like

Service projects

TGIW/Entertaining events  

Member attraction 


International's Projects

We will hand off our ideas to incoming President, Bob Andrews.






Angie Simon May 15, 2024
Sheet Metal Trade and DEI

Angie Simon is past President of Western Allied Mechanical.  She was and is actively involved in SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Contractors National Association) as Local and National President of that organization.

Angie has led the Heavy Metal Experience, which is a  successful effort to attract teens and young adults (especially disadvantaged) to the sheet metal trade.  The program has grown from 3 Contractors holding the multi week summer HME, to 22 throughout the US, during this summer.  Next year, 50 locations are going to be involved, with over 900 kids learning about the sheet metal trade

Dr. Mehrdad Ayati May 22, 2024
Paths to Healthy Aging

A specialist in Geriatric Medicine and the author of "Paths to Healthy Aging", Dr. Ayati is a Doctor at Stanford.  His main areas of focus are in the physiology of aging and on finding practical and yet innovating ways of  addressing the wellbeing and needs of the population in any age category.

Sara Fashandi May 29, 2024
Her book: Message in a Matchbox

In the self-published book, Sara Fashandi explores her brother’s childhood in Tehran, Iran. Fashandi recounts Mohsen’s perseverance as he struggles to help provide for his family from as young as 6 years old and follows him through his teenage years as he finds ways to fight life’s onslaught of challenges.

TGIW - Pete Nelson's Jun 05, 2024
Dr. Rafael Pelayo Jun 12, 2024
How to Beat Common Sleep Problems

Dr. Rafael Pelayo is a sleep doctor at Stanford, and author of the book How to Sleep: Science-Based Solutions for Sleeping Through the Night.

KIKO Jun 26, 2024