Members of the Menlo Park Rotary Club are deeply committed to uplifting our communities through a diverse array of volunteer activities. Our efforts span from sustained partnerships with organizations such as St. Anthony’s of Padua Dining Hall and the Menlo Park Community Garden, to mentoring college students who benefit from our scholarship programs. Additionally, we organize one-time events like a Thanksgiving turkey drive and assembling backpacks for both homeless individuals and students in need.

Beyond our local initiatives, Rotary District 5150, alongside other local Rotary clubs and Rotary International, offers a rich calendar of volunteer opportunities. These events take place throughout the year, not only in the Bay Area but also on a global scale, allowing members to contribute to international efforts and foster a spirit of global community and service.


 St. Anthony of Padua Kitchen
Twice a month, members of the Rotary Club dedicate their time at St. Anthony's Padua Dining Hall in Redwood City. They enthusiastically prepare and serve nourishing meals, engaging warmly with the local residents who come to dine. This volunteer effort not only fills plates but also fosters a sense of community and support.
Learn more about St. Anthony's Kitchen.
Community Garden

MPRC actively supports a vibrant community garden in Menlo Park. Twice a year, members enthusiastically volunteer to revitalize the garden, preparing it for new planting seasons. These clean-up days involve clearing out the old, pruning, and tending to the beds, ensuring the garden remains a flourishing green space for the community to enjoy.

More information on the Community Garden can be found here.

MPRC members are committed to supporting college students who receive Rotary scholarships throughout their academic journey. Beyond individual guidance, our mentors collaborate with local organizations to offer comprehensive support, including career counseling, life skills training, and various workshops. This holistic approach ensures that students not only excel academically but are also well-prepared for their future careers and personal development.
More information on the mentoring program can be found here.
Day of Service Events

These initiatives include the Turkey Trot, organized in partnership with local high schools, which donates turkeys to St. Anthony’s. We also prepare and distribute backpacks to homeless individuals and students returning to school, along with hosting other community support events.

District 5150  Volunteer Events
Throughout the year, our local Rotary District 5150 orchestrates a variety of vibrant volunteer opportunities across the Bay Area. Members engage in impactful activities such as participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's, contributing to environmental cleanup efforts, and celebrating Earth Day with dedicated activities to preserve our planet. Each initiative is designed to foster unity and make a positive difference in the region.
Learn more about district activities.
International Volunteering
Rotary is an international organization which sends members around the world to help with local projects including eradicating Polio and providing access to water.
Learn more about Rotary International
Funding Scholarships and Community Grants
Each year the MPRC raises money to fund college scholarships for local high school students who need financial support. The primary fundraiser is a bike ride called the Tour de Menlo which is run by volunteers from the Club. Learn about the Tour de Menlo.
Community Grants
The Tour de Menlo Bike ride also supports grants to local non-profit organizations who improve the lives of residents in Menlo Park and the surrounding area. The focus of the grants changes based on the changing needs of the community.
Rotary Means Business/Networking

Building Business

Rotary Means Business (RMB) inspires Rotarians to support the success of fellow members by engaging in business with each other, and by referring others to them. RMB meetings come with an array of opportunities that yield benefits beyond socialization.

Rotary club members who are interested in doing business with each other are encouraged to join the RMB Fellowship to honor the roots of Rotary and support Rotarians in their business and professional endeavors. The Rotary Means Business model promotes the Rotarian vocational service concept to encourage and foster. It offers business networking opportunities with members and within RMB Fellowship chapters worldwide strengthening vocational lanes. Membership benefits allow you to advertise your business and services with fellow Rotarians and the public to connect, share, and learn.


Rotary Career Connections

Rotary Career Connections is an event that brings professionals and students together to inspire, guide, and mentor the next generation of the workforce.

Through conversations, networking, and mentorship, students explore diverse career options based on their skills and interests. Professionals share their knowledge and expertise, serving as mentors to empower students in making informed career decisions. Join us to shape the future workforce, foster growth, and build a supportive community dedicated to education and mentorship. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of aspiring students and contribute to a brighter future for our community.

Club Lunch Meetings and Evening Social Events
Lunch Meetings
The Menlo Park Rotary Club meets for lunch the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the  Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. We have authors, local experts and nationally recognized speakers on topics ranging from international soup kitchens and earthquake risks to books about interesting local people or events. During our lunches we also conduct club business in support of the volunteer and fundraising activities.
Breakfast at Cafe Borrone  
Once a quarter, we gather at Cafe Borrone on a Saturday morning for breakfast, networking and socializing.  It's a great opportunity for members to catch up, exchange ideas, and strengthen bonds within the Rotary community. Plus, meeting at a local establishment like Cafe Borrone adds a cozy and familiar touch to the event. It's not just about the food; it's about fostering camaraderie and goodwill among members while supporting a local business. 


Evening Social Events and Meetings
TGIW - On the first Wednesday of each month, we gather in the evening for  a social event ...TGIW.   
Meeting in the evening for social gatherings creates a relaxed atmosphere where members can unwind and get to know each other on a more personal level. Whether hosted in members' homes or at local restaurants, these events offer a chance to share stories, laughter, and camaraderie outside of the typical business setting. They provide valuable opportunities for bonding, fostering friendships, and strengthening the sense of belonging within the Rotary club.
Evening Rotary Awareness Meeting
Once a quarter we hold an evening meeting with the aim of raising awareness about Rotary, our contributions to community and international projects, humanitarian efforts and values. They may feature discussions to engage attendees and encourage participation in Rotary's activities. These events can also serve as recruitment platforms for new members who are interested in joining Rotary and contributing to its mission of service above self.