Speaker Date Topic
Felicia Marcus Jul 24, 2024
Water Resilience in CA

Felicia Marcus was recently interviewed on KQED Political Breakdown about how to make CA water supplies resilient in the extreme droughts and flooding that come with climate change.  https://www.kqed.org/news/11981787/californias-former-water-czar-on-the-states-coming-water-nightmare

Felicia Marcus served as chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board, implementing laws regarding drinking water and water quality and state’s water rights, hearing regional board water quality appeals, settling disputes and providing financial assistance to communities to upgrade water infrastructure. Felicia Marcus is the William C. Landreth Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Water in the West Program, an attorney, consultant and member of the Water Policy Group


Tom Kemp Jul 31, 2024
The Problematic Ways Big Tech uses AI

Tom Kemp is a Silicon Valley-based author, Entrepreneur, seed investor, and policy advisor.  He is the author of Containing Big Tech: How to Protect our Civil Rights, Economy, and Democracy.  He will be speaking on the Problematic Ways Big Tech uses AI, one of the themes of his book.

TGIW Aug 07, 2024
Rhett Butler Aug 14, 2024
Mongabay - a source for news about forests, wildlife, oceans, and conservation
District Governor Presentation Aug 21, 2024
Anthony Mejia Aug 28, 2024
Ending the Business of International Trafficking and Slavery

IJM is the International Justice Mission.  Their mission is to end the business of international trafficking and slavery.  Anthony is the San Francisco Bay Area Director of Strategic Partnerships.  Here is their website:

TGIW Sep 04, 2024
Kate Paye Sep 11, 2024
The Stanford University Women's Basketball Team

Kate Paye is the Head Coach of the Stanford Women's Basketball Team.

Sue Bennett Sep 18, 2024

Sue Bennett spoke briefly about Bali at her new member talk.  She was already prepared to give a longer talk; which we will now have the opportunity to hear.

Russell Hancock Sep 25, 2024
2024 Silicon Valley Index

Referencing the 2024 Silicon Valley Index report, Joint Venture Silicon Valley CEO & President Russell Hancock will share trends and analysis of the strength of the Silicon Valley economy and the health of our community.  

Online at www.SiliconValleyIndicators.org, the interactive data hub provides charts and access to the underlying data, links to data sources, and additional related online resources.

TGIW Oct 02, 2024
Dr. Andrew Reddie Oct 09, 2024
National Security in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Andrew Reddie, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at UC Berkeley, will present National Security in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Does the future of the human race depend on an algorithm? This question will readily come to mind as Dr. Reddie describes the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the modernization of nuclear weapons and command and control architecture, and outlines the steps superpowers must take to mitigate the risks posed by autonomous technologies used in war.

Rickey Ono and Max Garcia Oct 16, 2024
St. Anthony's - New Video Presentation

Rotary Club Menlo Park strongly supports St. Anthony's by volunteering, donating money, turkeys etc. We recently donated $5,000 to help with the production of a movie to better tell their story.  Max Garcia and Rickey Ono, two key people from St. Anthony's will present their new Video and update us on what is going on at St.Anthony's.

Blair Gifford Oct 23, 2024
Global Health Connections

Blair Giffords will describe the work that Global Health Connections does in rural Kenya. 

Amy Boggs Oct 30, 2024
An International Project for RCMP: Solar Stoves for Kenyan Village

Women in traditional villages in Kenya spend hours scouring the countryside for wood to use in their indoor cookstoves. The Health consequences of smoke inhalation are high, as is the cost to the environment. Adding injury to illness, the women are often attacked on their way home with this precious commodity. Amy has identified a variety of sources, supports, and infrastructure that would help us to adopt a village, and she will introduce this possible project to the club. The target would be to bring stoves to Kolong Village in Kenya in the summer of 2025. Participants would help with installation and training, and would also be able to enjoy game drives in the Maasai Mara.

TGIW Nov 06, 2024
Bonny Llyn, MA Nov 13, 2024
From Burnout to Brilliance: 3 Keys to Foster a Mental Health Friendly Workplace
An entrepreneur, with a blossoming career, Bonny was besieged by a severe depression that threatened her success. While going to work for Fortune 1000, she filtered through countless healing modalities to combat her High-functioning Depression. Her TEDx talk on YouTube introduced the connection between neurodiversity and mental health. Now a Corporate Strategist and a Keynote Speaker, Bonny helps organizations unleash their team’s potential so they thrive and succeed.
Mark Soltau Nov 20, 2024
Right Place, Write Time

Mark Soltau served as content editor for Tigerwoods.com for 20+ years, TOUR Correspondent for Golf Digest and covered the SAn Francisco 49ers, golf, Stanford Athletics and other Bay Area Teams for the San Francisco Examiner. He is the author of Right Place, Write Time, which tells fascinating first hand stores of some of the greatest athletes of all time.  From early childhood games spent on the San Francisco 49ers sidelines where his dad was a star, to documenting first hand Tiger's career from Stanford through all of his major vicotires, Mark shares unique insights from the perspective of one of the most trusted journalists in sports.

TGIW Dec 04, 2024