Mar 27, 2024
Pamela Weiss
The Color of Autumn

Pamela Weiss is an award-winning screenwriter, editor, producer and journalist, Pamela collaborates with industry mentors and professionals to shepherd heart-felt, funny and transcendent human stories. Media experience includes Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Knight-Ridder New Media and Capital-Gazette Publishing. 

Color of Autumn    a Short Film       In 1966 Chicago a sheltered Black eight-year-old is blindsided by cruel and casual racism while socializing with the children of her father’s white boss. Through the eyes of a grown woman, Color of Autumn retraces the memory of her precocious eight-year-old self, a Black girl who lives with her hardworking but assimilating parents, and her adoring and wise grandmother in a quaint little house on the South Side of Chicago.